The top female gamblers that were willing to go all-in

Women gamblers throughout history have left an indelible mark on modern-day gambling. Their boldness, talent, and relentless persistence at the table were unrivaled, spanning poker, baccarat, blackjack, and other timeless casino games, having risen to high heights and amassed little riches along the way. This article will feature some of the most talented female gamblers who helped shape casinos into what they are today.

We’ll be going backward in time for the most part. However, we’ll begin our journey in Hollywood with an entrepreneur and aspiring Olympic athlete who has become an A-list poker player.

Molly Bloom, the “Poker Princess” of Hollywood

Molly Bloom gained fame and controversy during the previous decade as the author of the best-selling memoir “Molly’s Game,” made into a casino film.

Molly Bloom, dubbed “LA’s Poker Princess,” was the single organizer of high-stakes, unregulated, underground poker games that took place throughout Hollywood and corporate America.

Molly’s initial tournaments took place behind the scenes at the iconic Viper Room club on the Los Angeles strip, but she quickly moved to private suites, five-star hotels, and opulent houses. From New York to Las Vegas, we’ve been all over the country.

Many well-known public figures, including A-list actors, sports stars, politicians, and business leaders, were her clients. Hands have been known to reach $4 million on a single stake in a single game.

She was charged in 2016 with a $100 million money laundering and illicit gambling network. Molly Bloom, who faced up to ten years in prison, pled guilty to a lesser offense. A year of probation was imposed, as well as 200 hours of community service.

Molly Bloom’s grasp of poker and the inner workings of the Hollywood gambling circuit made her, For the foreseeable future, a force to be reckoned with the better part of eight years, even though she rarely participated.

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Eleanor Dumont is known as the “Queen of the Western Frontier.”

Eleanor Dumont rose to notoriety in the Wild West during the California Gold Rush in the 1850s as a skilled gambler.

Eleanor was born in France, and her family immigrated to America during the gold rush in hopes of a better life. all around California, South Dakota, Nevada, Arizona, and San Francisco, having grown up in various places.

Eleanor was exposed to gambling at a young age through her father, who was always on the move. She traveled from city to city, dabbling in casinos, and eventually settled in Nevada, where she opened her gambling establishment, dubbed “Vingt-en-un,” a popular card game at the time and a forerunner to blackjack.

Eleanor ran her games, and the establishment grew in popularity, with scores of men flocking to see the “novelty” of a woman gambler dealing cards at the time.

Eleanor later renamed her gaming parlor “Dumont’s Place” after partnering with a local businessman, Dave Tobin. After a few years of success, the partnership fell apart, and Eleanor was forced to return to the road.

Eleanor Dumont’s life ended tragically in 1879 when she killed herself after losing a high-stakes game of Vingt-en-un and owing to her opponent a sum of money she couldn’t repay.

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Lottie Deno is a poker legend from Texas.

Lottie Deno, a great poker player from Kentucky in the mid-1800s, came from a wealthy racehorse breeding family.

Her father was a well-known gambler, and she learned the game from him. She quickly mastered a variety of card games and put her skills to the test (with great success) in several early casino venues.

Lottie made her home in San Antonio, Texas, by the end of 1865. She became well-known as a house gambler at the University Club, where she met and fell in love with Frank Thurmond, a local businessman.

When Frank was accused of murder and forced to flee, her life took a turn for the worse. The pair traveled through Texas and ended up in Fort Griffin, a frontier outpost noted for its gambling culture and general lawlessness at the time.

She became renowned as the “Angel of San Antonio” and “Mystic Maud” in this town. She competed against the best in town and won a small fortune by playing enough poker games. She later relocated to Silver City, New Mexico, and opened her gaming establishment.

Lottie Deno epitomized the exhilarating and hazardous life of an outlaw gambler for nearly a decade. She eventually gave up gambling, married Frank, and created the St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

“Poker Alice,” says Alice Ivers.

American West in the 1800s. Her talents at the table were unrivaled at the time, and she was dubbed “Poker Alice.”

Alice married Frank Duffield, an accomplished poker player in his own right, who taught her all the game’s secrets. After Frank was shot in a sour poker game, Alice tried a variety of careers, including teaching. But poker’s allure was always “on the cards,” and she finally became a full-time player.

A woman gambler was still a novelty at the time, and dozens of men would challenge her to poker games, which she would invariably win. Crowds would flock to watch her play, and she grew in prominence throughout her two-decade poker career. She could earn up to $6,000 per night at the height of her celebrity, which was unheard of time.

In South Dakota, Alice operated the “Poker Palace” bar in 1910. When some drunken soldiers barged into the parlor in 1913, the situation swiftly deteriorated into anarchy. Alice shot one man and injured another with her gun. She was arrested, and while being found not guilty due to self-defense, the establishment was permanently closed. After a gallbladder procedure, Alice died at the age of 79.

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